Agent App CMA: Release Notes

Most Real Estate CMA’s have been written for the printer and stale web page era. They are old answers in a fast moving world.

Welcome to a modern CMA. For buyers and sellers.

Our goal is to provide an easy to use, professional presentation app that requires little or no training. Agents can be successful in just a few taps.

What’s new?

A Modern Presentation

3D fly into a property

Present and Compare: highlight differences

Gallery View: quickly compare property photos

Automatic Difference Summary

Share market trends and statistics

Preview Slides

Easy to read chart summary


Concise summary for social, text or email

Go modern with a video

Personalize the video

PDF for slides or the printer



Add or subtract values from a property.

Compare with your subject property


Record your own video introduction

Add subject property photos

Name your presentation

Associate presentation with a contact


Present and Share


Create and manage default calculations and values (Administrator)


Interactive Pricing with a netsheet

Press to add a subject property

Create a subject from a listing, an address or public records (optional)

Add photos to a subject property from your device

Add a comp and/or create a subject from any listing


Updated charts, with easy to read highlights

Documents (optional)

Updated Document Management environment. Improved iOS support.

Video tips can be found here.