Visiting with a number of brokers over the past few months, one topic rises above all: work hard to improve recruiting amidst a very competitive market.

There are, of course, many ways to address recruiting, from buying agents to brand, lifestyle, social activity, support, deal making, deal flow and tech platforms.

On the tech platform front, a long time client introduced our leads to closing platform as follows:

“Imagine you are home and need to send an updated document to move a deal along. Up until now, you must keep track of many different systems. Starting today, you can use one app on your phone/iPad or an integrated desktop system to auto-fill, complete, share and sign the document, anywhere.

I’ve long followed Softbank funded Compass ($1.5B raised to date) which is engaged in a 7 year effort to create the “first end-to-end software platform for real-estate agents“.

It may be useful to compare the Compass platform, based on publicly available data to our Main Street leads to closing, single entry system.

Compass Desktop Marketing Center (via Business Insider)

Main Street Desktop Cloud: leads to closing (agent and public apps will be covered in future posts)

Recruiting/Retention Benefits:

  1. Easier to learn due to fewer steps.
  2. Search all listings (1.7M in this client example) on the home page. Compass requires additional steps.
  3. Recent activity immediately available from leads to closings, and everything in between, including CMA’s, buyer presentations, documents, analytics, contacts and listings. Compass requires many more steps.
  4. Agent, Office, Company and MLS directory available from one screen.
  5. Agent production is one tap away.

A recent instagram post indicates renewed executive attention to Compass technical development staff and spending:

Can brokers, agents and teams compete using many, incompatible systems (despite vendor rhetoric asserting “compatibility”)?

Compass is correct to focus on a winning platform.

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