Michael Quinn:

When I was interviewing at Compass, I was struck by how simple yet powerful the mission statement was: help everyone find their place in the world. Despite the important role the Real Estate industry plays in helping people find their home, the Real Estate brokerage model has not benefited from the advances in technology and innovation like other industries have.

Compass’ goal is to change that. We are combining the best people with the best technology to build the first modern real estate platform to ensure that both our customers (real estate agents) and their clients have an efficient and delightful experience finding their place in the world. The result is a unified real estate platform that everyone — Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Agents — benefit from.

As Compass looks into the future, the natural question is what’s next? During our quarterly All Employee Team Meeting a few months ago, our CEO Robert Reffkin unveiled the Compass Flywheel, the core strategy for Compass’ future. While celebrating our growth and achievements, we also looked into the future to see where Compass is headed.

First thing’s first — what, exactly, is a Flywheel? And why is this Flywheel key for Compass as we build an end-to-end real estate platform?

An interesting assertion: “we’ve built the first modern real estate platform…”.