Lars Lofgren:

The recommendations above are exactly how I run my business today. We’re moving faster than I ever have before—at a fraction of the budget.

That’s why I doubt I’ll ever build a growth team again:

Few folks understand probability, and most executives don’t care about the data—regardless of what it says.

Testing encourages growth teams to get out of sync with company strategy, and it’s easy to screw up the data, which forces you to throw away months of testing.

Even if you get past all this, you probably don’t have enough data to work with anyway.

A 1.5-year growth program will cost you just short of a million dollars.

Once you hit a wall on your conversions and need your growth team to do something else, they’ll have to start from scratch to learn another workflow.

And it all depends on finding an amazing growth manager to run the team.

Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No. But that’s an awful lot of work when the upside is limited to doubling or tripling the conversion rate in your funnel.

Yes, massive business and businesses with user-driven growth are the exceptions. It’s absolutely worth it to them. For the rest of us, I’d rather spend that money and time building a marketing team that can continue to grow my business for years to come.