“My belief is that the highest calling of marketing is to create a successful brand. That’s job #1.” – Bob Hoffman [1]

Facebook’s message to media: “We are not interested in talking to you about your traffic…That is the old world and there is no going back” [2]

“We can make a lot more money by selling a home ourselves, by having a mortgage originated by us.” Spencer Rascoff. [3]

“Convenience is the Ultimate Currency” – Nielsen [4]

Do brokers, teams and agents have the tools necessary to compete and build their own brands in 2018?

We strongly believe that the answer is yes. Here are a few examples (from one system!):

Favorite Agent

One link for www, apps, social, text and email. Your brand, everywhere.

World’s best CMA

Live, beautiful comparables.

One Tap Lead Capture

Text, email, social, www.

Full Feature Website

Fast, responsive and elegant.

CRM + AVM Power

Automagic branded postcard followup.

Close in your app

Sign or Docusign. Autofill. Easy. Desktop or Agent App.

Play to win using the best platform, from leads to closings.

[1] Are you deluded? Bob Hoffman thinks you are.

[2] That firehose isn’t opening up again anytime soon.

[3] Zillow CEO on Missed Guidance, Mortgage Origination Deal.

[4] Convenience is the ultimate currency.