Mark Wilson:

BuzzFeed, a digital media company, is making appliances. Maybe it’s not as crazy as it sounds. After all, as Buzzfeed’s video-based food publication, Tasty has an almost unfathomable scale, with 107 million active users who see its videos across sites and social media channels each month. The One Top is designed to tap into that ready-made market.
 The Bluetooth-connected induction cooktop–whose electric burner uses magnetism to warm the pan instead of heat coils or flame–connects straight into a database of hyper-viral Tasty recipes, helping home cooks follow the site’s instructions more precisely. With a temperature sensitive plate and a connected thermometer probe, the One Top should be able to tell users when it’s time to flip the chicken in the skillet, or pull the pasta from the water. Meanwhile, an accompanying app breaks Tasty’s videos into step-by-step GIFs, which demonstrate the methodology of cooking and offer push notifications when it’s time to take the next step.