Just because a website makes content for a specific audience – say women or baby boomers – doesn’t mean that other groups won’t find and consume it too. If you could walk into a brick-and-mortar version of your favorite news site, what would you see? Mostly women? Millennials? Would you be surprised with what you found?
 We analyzed data from Priceonomics customer Quantcast, a company that measures and quantifies web audiences. Quantcast uses a combination of direct measurement and inferential statistical models, we’re able to determine the gender, age, income, and education makeup of a website’s traffic. We turned to this data set to find out which websites drew the most male, female, millennial, senior, parent, wealthy and educated audiences.
 For these rankings, we looked at the top 500 websites in the U.S. analyzed by Quantcast, ranging from 8 million to 3 billion pageviews per month. Companies that use Quantcast Measure – known to us as “quantified” sites – include about half of all major websites, including sites like BuzzFeed, The Onion, Yelp, and Stack Overflow.
 Zulily and BlogLovin take home the award for the greatest percentage of female visitors, while New Arena and Covers, sports and sports betting websites, take home the gold for having the most male audience. Gizmodo Media Group – which owns Deadspin, Kotaku, and Jezebel – has the millennial market in hand, while conservative news sites like Con