Victoria Moores:

“People don’t notice things that are the same; they notice things which are different.” I don’t remember where I first heard this quote, but it’s true.
 That’s bad news for the cookie-cutter airline experience…or is it? When there is little differentiation, it doesn’t take much to differentiate.
 Norwegian has used free Wifi on short-haul to be different. Having WiFi – paid or unpaid – is still rare on short-haul European flights. But it strikes me as odd that they haven’t transferred this unique selling point to their long-haul flights too. Norwegian’s Boeing 787s don’t have WiFi.
 Being different doesn’t need to be complex. KLM has used social media to stand apart. After a few one-off social media projects, the Dutch airline was fuelled by a desire to be different and is now using artificial intelligence (AI) to create a balance between IT-driven personalization and a human experience. This sounds an awful lot like PR speak. It’s not.
 “Bots and AI are bad for quite a lot of cases, but you would be stupid to not use it for some others. Technology is no longer problem. We want to combine the best of both worlds,” KLM social media development manager Martine van der Lee told the Future Travel Experience (FTE), Europe conference in Dublin.