Ria Jones:

Instagram is one of our fastest-growing social media platforms, with engagements rising nearly 70% year on year. The platform has enabled us to showcase the breadth of our journalism beyond what we are traditionally known for, which is our print content. At The Economist we strive to reach a “globally curious” audience and our Instagram feed is no exception. Our presence has allowed us to cultivate a younger audience, and we are proud to have an even gender split of followers.
 Some of our most popular posts combine a striking image with a timely news event. The photo we posted of Bastille Day celebrations later summed up collective grief in the wake of the Nice attack. An image of composer Ludovico Einaudi, performing his specially composed “Elegy for the Arctic” in front of a glacier, was beautiful but also pertinent to conservation issues. In addition to photos, our feed also includes covers, cartoons, charts and videos to highlight the diversity of The Economist’s journalism.