Said Business School:

Marketing Tech’s ‘Connected Consumer’ report suggests that by 2020 57% of business buyers will switch brands if a company doesn’t anticipate their needs.
 Personalisation means that advertising will have to change. The rise of adblockers, particularly among young people, is not because consumers do not want to see advertisements. It’s just that the industry has failed to keep up with the type of content that people want to see and share. Google’s move from a 30-second advertisement format to a 6-second format spells the end of teasers, conceptual, and clever advertisements. Digital advertising now needs to be big-picture and very visual.
 They trust influencers
 Vloggers and social media influencers are word-of-mouth recommendations for the digital age. Beauty and digital make a particularly good match because they are both very visual. There are over 45 billion videos and tutorials available on the internet, 95% of them done by people in their bedrooms. Their apparent authenticity allows them to connect with consumers in a way that traditional magazines and advertisers are now struggling to do.