Simon Dingle:

Deploy these teams as far away from the existing business as possible and protect them from your current executive staff, especially those who like the sound of their own voice or use the term, “I’m just playing devil’s advocate here…” in meetings. That guy is not invited. Read Tom Kelley’s book, recommended above, for why.
 Make sure your leopard is able to challenge the status quo unhindered.
 No, compliance can’t have a meeting with them to approve processes.
 No, your marketing people absolutely can’t do a review to make sure they’re, “on brand”.
 Fuck off. Go away. Leave the leopard alone. Those discussions can happen later once you’ve got something too good not to launch. Any business with a hope of succeeding in the internet era has to conduct user testing, implement agile processes, and spend a lot of time trying and failing in experiments to find market fit. It’s not pretty, it’s counterintuitive, and nothing they taught you at business school will help anyway.