“The Starbucks app has 10 million active users making over five million mobile transactions per week.” – Ben Bajarin.

Each day brings new “appification” examples. We know that 86% of time spent on smartphones is in apps. How do these buyer and seller experiences fit with agents who say, “give me 15 minutes to go login into my legacy www or MLS system and see what I find”?

Let’s compare.

55 seconds with our agent app. Tap to play:

720p version.

Agent Benefits:

  1. Simple and Fast
  2. Save searches
  3. Share trends & statistics
  4. Full screen listing presentations
  5. Hot sheet notifications
  6. Personal branding on all shares
  7. CRM Sync
  8. SocialGraph
  9. Automatic CRM Connections
  10. Open Auto-fill Documents
  11. One tap
  12. Login once.

Broker Benefits:

  1. Value: perfect for today and tomorrow.
  2. Little training required.
  3. Perfect for ongoing manager sales training
  4. Simplified Support: Login once and never again.
  5. Your brand on all shares (interactive CMA, saved searches, property updates, Twitter, Facebook, Text and email).
  6. Reports
  7. Transaction & Accounting Interface
  8. Recruiting and Retention: Ride the mobile wave or be swamped.

How does that one or two tap Starbucks app purchase compare with your agent experience?

Founded in 1995 and family owned, Virtual Properties has worked with brokerages large (top 10) and small. Mostly, our clients sit forward in the chair and leverage technology to build their businesses.

We have taken all of those experiences and created a NEW app platform for the mobile era. Other vendors are attempting to stuff their old pc systems into the new space. That strategy always fails.

Usage data? Yes!

This 2014 agent production chart tells the story. Agents are going to use contacts, listings, CMA’s, documents, transactions, showings, CRM activities and presentations in their daily listing and selling work. We deliver tools and services that agents use.

Our goal is to delight your agents. The chart tells the story.

Do your systems add value?

The recruiting and retention implications are obvious.

Contact us to take a quick test drive. Compare. Real Apps for today and tomorrow from Virtual Properties, Inc.

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