Horace Dediu on the opportunity organizations have with the iPad (and mobile) revolution:

What this means politically is that the manager who figures out a way to roll out mobility in the organization will get the same uplift in his career as his predecessors did when they brought in disruptive waves. Those periods have become the stuff of lore and legend. Every IT manager with ambition is looking to create and ride a new wave. If the person is a mid-level manager, they will scramble to be the champion of the new technology and become a rising star. If the person is a high-level manager, they will see it as a way to protect their empire by co-option. Jostling for a vehicle to bring in the technology will begin. These vehicles are typically vendor relationships. Small vendors (example) have a better chance as the traditional vendors (for example SAP) and integrators are not quick enough with product development and don’t have the products to sell.”

The THIRD generation of our broker branded iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) will be available soon. An Android app is part of this release, both running on top of our fast web services. You control the branding and lead management. We make it work, fast and reliably.

Apple is substantially expanding iOS device distribution via AT&T, Wal-Mart, Target and now Verizon. Make sure your brand, services and listings are where the buyers are.

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