Seth Godin urges real estate agents to do just that, actually – the electronic kind, in a recent blog post:

Assume you’ve got six people in your office. Each person is responsible to do two things each day:
  • Interview a local business, a local student or a local political activist. You can do it by phone, it can be very short and it might take you ten minutes.
  • Get 20 households to ‘subscribe’ by giving you their email address and asking for a free subscription. You can use direct contact or flyers or speeches to get your list.

Godin’s real point is that now is an excellent time to step into the local information void.
A combination of an easy to use, informative blog, a fast and deep website with maps and a periodic enewsletter is a powerful way to improve your “Broker Value Equation” [PDF].
Note that THIS approach benefits your brand (think lead generation and recruiting/retention), rather than investing time and money in generic MLS or third party services.
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