Broker Tip 39: Easier

Buyers, sellers, agents and staff expect to accomplish their tasks with just a tap or two. How well do your tools measure up?

Real apps are simple, fast and convenient. The following illustrations demonstrate where smartphone and tablet users can effortlessly tap away.

Our public and agent Apps take full advantage of these findings. In fact, they have done so since their introduction in 2008!

Note the ideal position of our agent branding.

Learn more about our 5th generation public app.

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Broker Tip 38: The Well Equipped Agent, 2015 Part 2

What does the agent landscape look like, today, just two months from 2015?

Are your buyers & sellers equipped with real iPhone, iPad & Google Android apps?

Compare Virtual Properties’ native public apps, particularly their ease of use, speed and agent branding. Some brokers are trying to compete with apps using websites created for the now 20 year old browser.

Watch a 74 second video comparison.

Yet, the smartphone industry dominates PC’s.

Most real estate software was written for the PC era. Many vendors are trying to stuff that software into mobile tools. Keller Williams’ website wrapped in an “app” is worth a look to see how slow and user unfriendly that strategy is.

Those vendors (and brokers) are saying: “Try our creme brulee. We had a few onions, a bit of blacktop, a few pieces of firewood and mustard that we’d already paid for. Maybe you won’t notice….”


Digital Experiences now dominate the day.

Will your buyer, seller, agent, staff and manager tools, written for the PC era do the job?

Apple is overtaking the entire PC Industry.

Our new Agent App leverages the iPhone and iPad’s industry leading software tools.

Your agents, with the Agent App:

  1. Two tap interactive CMA (compare to the old way)
  2. Automatically Sync Contacts. Think broker value add via the CRM
  3. One tap: Share live trends & statistics with prospects. The ideal tool for contact flow.
  4. One tap: Save searches for buyers & sellers, with statistics and agent branding.
  5. Touring: ideal for buyer tours. The fastest app on the market.
  6. Showings
  7. Open Documents: auto-fill, edit, share with ANY service or app, in person signatures, quickly add 3rd party documents, including pdf scans.
  8. Open House Guest Registration & CRM Services
  9. Beautiful CRM email templates

A top, experienced agent after a recent Agent App rollout: “When I can understand it the first time, that’s a hell of a deal”.

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2015. The well equipped agent, part 1.

It’s All About Nuance. How to Convey and Discern Email Tone.

Karen Lachtanski:

Everyone has been there. You’re emailing back and forth with someone at work and then all of a sudden, a sentence gives you pause. You think, Wait a second. Is she mad at me?
 You reread it. Five minutes go by and you still can’t tell if you somehow offended this person or are completely missing a joke. Eventually, you just craft a vague response and hope for the best.
 Tone can be hard to discern and convey over email and any other digital communication. In fact, a 2005 study, amusingly titled “Egocentrism over e-mail,” found that people vastly overestimate how often the recipient of a message will correctly identify their intended tone, whether serious or sarcastic. Senders estimated nearly 80 percent accuracy. In reality, recipients sensed the right tone only 56 percent of the time.

America’s homeownership subsidies are a terrible way to help young people build wealth

Elliott Scheur:

It used to be all about the house. If you were a young person seeking lifelong financial security, homeownership was, for most of the 20th century, your ticket to that future.
 For many Americans, the housing bust in 2008 changed all that. The first Millennials, born around 1980, eagerly entered the housing market in their mid-20s, but then experienced the full force of that economic disaster. The combined impact of the national flood of foreclosures, the loss of trust in the housing market, and the tighter mortgage standards that included higher initial down payments, pushed the rate of homeownership for 25- to 29-year-olds to record lows.

Broker Tip 37: The Well Equipped Agent, 2015 Part 1

1. Agent App: Two tap CMA, on the Big Screen:

Broker Benefits:

Simple: two taps. What training?

Privately distributed, just for your agents

Designed for mobile, consider recruiting & retention

CRM Sync

Agent & Broker Branding

Agent Benefits:

Ideal for on the go agents

One tap to stats/trends & DOM

2nd tap to CMA

Swipe to add or delete properties

Pinch & Zoom to explore the market

CRM Sync

Share beautifully via Text, Twitter, Facebook and email

Agent & Broker Branding

2. Public App: Wow clients

The image above was taken from a client’s office. A reception area iPad automagically shares the app on a nearby big screen. Simple, fast and so powerful.

Broker Benefits:

Reception Eye Candy

The Fastest App

Wireless big screen presentations

Your Brand

Full screen images

Agent Benefits:


One tap to stats/trends & DOM

Agent Branding

Pinch & Zoom to explore the market

Save Favorites & Searches

Open House Calendar support

Promote to the agent’s farm

3. Leverage your company dollars. For the future, not the past.

Which expenditures will benefit your firm, agents and clients over the next 5 to 10 years?

The Microsoft case illustrates the ease with which we can become glued to the past.

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:

“You need new concepts with new innovation…. Your existing success kind of fights those things.”

Our agent, public apps and CRM services are affordable, effective and simple to implement.

“When I understand it the first time, that’s a hell of a deal.”

- A successful agent moments after installing the Agent App.

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2015. The well equipped agent, part 2.

How Coca-Cola, Nissan and Kraft mine selfies for ‘invisible’ insight

Shona Ghosh:

Brands are slowly finding ways to make sense of image-based social networks such as Instagram and Tumblr, mining user photos for insight into how their products are used.
 The rise of the ‘visual economy’ poses several challenges for marketers. One is understanding how consumers like to share post-production edits of their lives. Another challenge for brands is finding a way to participate in that activity with authenticity. And the final one is how to parse this visual data for insight.
 David Rose, founder of image recognition startup Ditto Labs, thinks he has found a way to solve the last problem and give brands a way to “quantify” how consumers use their products.

How big is email?

Ian Baker:

I think about email a lot because my company makes email software. I was talking with a friend yesterday and it got me thinking, just how much email is there, anyway?
 So, I looked. A lot of email, it turns out. Like, a whole lot. In 2013, humanity sent about 150 billion emails each day. That’s 21 messages received per earthling per day, or 79 each if you only count actual email users.

Find Out What Your ZIP Code Predicts You’ll Buy

Jamie Condliffe:

Where you live says a lot about you—and nobody knows that better than marketeers. Now, though, you can take a glimpse at what they know, using this searchable map built by software company Esri.
 Its Tapestry Segmentation project rolls together demographic data from the Census and marketing data from GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence to… well, to terrifying effect. The results are sliced and diced into 67 profiles of American market segments, which are shown in percentage terms when you search by ZIP code. You can search for your own in the interactive map below (or on their full site).

This new “Apple SIM” could legitimately disrupt the wireless industry

Dan Frommer:

It’s early, but it’s easy to see how this concept could significantly disrupt the mobile industry if Apple brings it to the iPhone. In many markets—especially the US—most mobile phones are distributed by operators and locked to those networks under multi-year contracts. People rarely switch operators, partially out of habit and satisfaction, but mostly because it’s annoying to do so.
 Apple has already taken a more direct role in handset distribution than some of its rivals—like Samsung or HTC—via its retail outlets. So it’s smart to try taking over even more control. (Recall that Steve Jobs once referred to mobile operators as “orifices.”)

Broker Tip 36: Simple Sync in 40 seconds

Agents harvest and interact with contacts from many sources.

Brokers can add great value to their agents through Main Street’s CRM automation. Help agents “automagically” stay in their client’s “flow” via newsletters, ecards, market trends & statistics, mortgage, insurance, home warranty and concierge opportunities.

Our new Agent App includes a simple and fast contact sync service. Take a quick look via this video:

Broker Benefits:

Just works

Leverage your marketing investments across a larger contact pool

Promote core services

CRM automation saves your agents time

Increases agent contact touch frequency or “flow”

Agent Benefits:

So simple

Use CRM automation to continue farming when busy

Useful client touches including birthday & anniversary greetings, market trends & statistics, newsletters and tips.

Auto-fills documents, transactions, CMA and other important day to day activities

Use modern apps to harvest contacts. Share as necessary – in both directions!

Contact Jim Zellmer, to learn more, or call 1 608 468 6013.